Hi, my name is Jack Mayberry and I'm a comedian... no, really, here's proof.  And that was just an adlib!  Here's a quick audio clip from my first "Tonight Show."  I'm also very good looking.  Here's my photo.  Okay, Iied about that but since I've nothing to hide anymore here's some actual Video of me being funny.  Here's some more.  Here I am at Jeff Foxworthy's Duke Classic Golf Tournament at Duke University. Oh yeah, I know people, I get around.  Here's my resume'.  Not bad, huh?  No convictions and twenty-eight appearances on NBC's "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson 'and' Jay Leno.  Some were sketches in which I portrayed presidential candidate, Ross Perot.  Somebody had to do it.  I feel like we're kinda friends now.  Let me open up and tell you a little about myself.  Here's my 'autobiography', (I wrote it myself.)  You like jokes?  Check out my joke pages, maybe you'll wanna join my JokeMailList.  I'm don't send it out regularly but when I do it's irregularly funny.  Hey check this out... I went to Iraq and Afghanistan to entertain the troops!  I didn't get killed or anything but I was in constant danger with my act.  Here's my "Jack in Iraq" Blog.  I have some really good links, too.  I also have a CD (Surprise!), click here to get one... or for the specially priced sixteen-pack, click here sixteen times.  Well, that's all I got up to this point...  I'm constantly updating my site (at least when I'm not doing the stuff that I really ought to be doing) and adding or deleting so, check back frequently, infrequently or even as often as every Window's Update, but before you go, drop me a note and say "howdy," why don't ya?  And thanks for stopping by, 
Jack Mayberry